Track account health

Your time is valuable. Identify which accounts need your attention the most.

EasyCSM helps you cut through the noise

Downward trends

Find downward trends before it's too late

You can only fix the problems you know about. Whether there's been a drop in use activation or slow feature rollout, EasyCSM can flag it for you

  • Create thresholds that trigger alerts

  • Control when and how often you're notified

Accounts list

Segment accounts by customizable filters

Looking at a single account's health is informative. However, you my find that looking at an entire cohort or group can provide a clearer picture.

  • Using segments built with custom fields, filter to see accounts from a specific group

Usage description

Create a 360 view of your accounts

EasyCSM easily combines account conversations, tickets, and events to provide insight into how an account really feels about your product

  • One-click integration with third party sources

  • Use internal comments to take note of additional context from accounts

EasyCSM is built for B2B SaaS

The best SaaS companies are customer-driven. Join EasyCSM to create and optimize an experience that delights your customers.

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