Complete 360 customer overview

Use EasyCSM to target accounts for retention or upsells and deploy a campaign to drive MRR growth

Allocate time to the accounts that need you the most


Monitor product usage

Draw insights with portfolio level product usage statistics and determine which accounts are at risk or are ready for upsell.

  • View trends at the account and portfolio level

  • See if customers are using your new features

  • Build segments tailored specifically to your company

Create upsell alert

Create upsell alerts

Use segments to track accounts that are ready te be upsold. Add alerts to get these notifications in real-time.

  • Create segments to track accounts ready for upsell

  • Implement real-time alerts to never miss an opportunity

Upsell goals

Implement upsell & retention playbooks

Drive MRR by creating and iterating on your playbooks to maximize upsells and retention.

  • Create playbooks for each of your product's use case

  • View all accounts for each playbook to measure its effectiveness

EasyCSM is built for B2B SaaS

The best SaaS companies are customer-driven. Join EasyCSM to create and optimize an experience that delights your customers.

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