Scale onboarding for B2B SaaS

Onboard efficiently and quickly drive product adoption with trackable & customizable workflows

Take customers through a crafted onboarding journey

Onboarding card

Onboarding playbooks by use case

Create a product adoption journey for each use case and track your customer's progress through each phase

  • Create a step-by-step onboarding workflow

  • Scale your onboarding experience

  • Measure onboarding success


Customizable & measurable milestones

Set quantifiable milestones and gather cohort level statistics to iterate and optimize onboarding

  • View onboarding progress in real-time

  • Add onboarding customizations unique for each customer

  • Get account- and cohort-level statistics on each milestone

Assign tasks

Tasks for your team

Create, manage, and assign tasks for each account to achieve customer onboarding goals

  • Create ad-hoc tasks or ones that are part of a playbook

  • Save task templates for reuse

  • Update tasks as use cases change

EasyCSM is built for B2B SaaS

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