Mitigate Cancellations. Reduce Churn.

EasyCSM is an adaptable offboarding platform.

We make it easy to create a no-code, smart cancellation screen.

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How it works

Action plans dashboardAction plans dashboard

Dynamic offers & discounts

Reduce cancellations by serving up the right offer at the right time.

Save customers at the moment of cancellation with dynamic offers designed to keep them subscribed.


No-Code Configuration

Make changes on your own terms.

Let EasyCSM handle your cancellation flows so your devs can deliver more features. Change copy, design, and flows. Then push them live immediately.

Analytics dashboard

Cancellation & Customer Insights

You can’t improve what you don’t measure.

See how healthy your customer base is at a glance. Understand the top reasons why they leave your product and what made them stay.


Customer success best practices made easy

Make data driven decisions